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is a particularly valuable organic fertilizer

It is the result of a controlled vermicomposting process. It is based on the ability of worms to convert organic matter to a very valuable material – humus. This material contains a complex range of nutrients, humic substances, amino acids, plant hormones, enzymes, and micro-organisms. An elixir for both the soil and the plants.

  • It supplies soil with so needed micro-organisms, bringing it back to life again
  • It improves its structure, quality (humus), and water retention ability
  • It improves the overall health, condition and properties of soil
  • It positively influences the growth, quality and health of plants
  • It affects the aroma and flavour of crops and makes them richer in nutrients
  • It releases nutrients gradually, in line with natural processes

We do care about the quality of soil we will leave to our children

As the old saying goes, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”. We, our country and our soil are affected by global environmental challenges, too. Soil loses water retention ability, it gradually becomes lifeless. It is contaminated with heavy metals and mineral salts, it contaminates groundwater (our drinking water)… We are losing long-term sustainability. If we do not change this approach of ours, our children will not thank us…