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gazdovský kompost

We love
what we do

Our work
makes sense to us

Nature has been our playground ever since our early childhood; we used to spend there all our free time. We used to eat fruits and vegetables right from trees, shrubs and patches of our grandfathers. We value its generosity and everything it gives us. Through our work, we wish to express our gratitude, give something back and help maintain it healthy for a long time.

Our worms play the title role in this plan. They help us develop and generate organic-based products and offer an alternative of plant and soil nutrition that is better for the nature. We want to be useful…

25 million


gazdovský kompost


We are the largest worm farm in Slovakia

At present, we have around 25 million worms in our premises based in Záhorce extending over more than 5 hectares.


They eat 1,000 tons of food a year and produce 0.5 million litres of vermicompost.

gazdovský kompost

million litres

40 days

We feed one worm for 40 days to get a teaspoon of vermicompost.

Our research
and development

We develop and refine our own formulas

We make full use our laboratory and growth chambers, but also cooperate with external research workplaces. Our approach to quality is simple – we develop products that we use at our homes.

We conduct more than 100 experiments, tests, and verifications a year.

100 +

Fruits of our

Efficient, organic, valuable and original products

Vermicompost – the essential component of all our products
Our formula – outcome of our research and development
Freshness – we produce to order, not to the stock
Complexity – interesting product portfolio

150 +

In the commercial segment, we have more than 150 satisfied customers.